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Hessett Past 1950 to 1999


Hessett's history in photo's and documents

From 1950 to 1999

To view any of the photos and documents click on - CLICK HERE
Hessett Millennium Committee Constitution - Formed 8th March 1999 - CLICK HERE
Circa 1999 Village football match on the village green - CLICK HERE
1977 to 1978 Panto in the Five Bells pub - CLICK HERE
1975 Five Bell Darts Team - CLICK HERE
1969 Miracle at Hessett Church - CLICK HERE
1950 Photo of The Street looking from the Old Post Office towards the Five Bells - CLICK HERE
1963 Civil Defence Hand Book given to every household advising householder on what protection
they should make to prectet themsels against nuclear attack. - CLICK HERE
1954 - 1st April - Change of licence for the Five Bells PH from Mrs G E Garrod to Mr D S Medcalf CLICK HERE
1953 Coronation Year - Village Hall - CLICK HERE
1086 to 1981 facts on the parish of Hessett - CLICK HERE
Notes from old minute books from 1938 to 1970 - CLICK HERE

Updated  December 2019