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Hessett Church Preservation Society

Hessett Church Preservation Society
Charity No. 1117397

The Hessett Church Preservation Society was renamed in May 2018 from Friends of Hessett Church which was set up in 2006 by villagers.
It consists of a committee that organises fund raising events and "members".
Its aim is to ensure the building is there for future generations to enjoy. They have done this through both fund raising and obtaining grants.
The major projects undertaken and completed are the removal of the Victorian concrete that covered all the exterior walls and replaced with a covering that does not allow water to enter the building and also allows the fabric to "breathe". Several repairs to the roof have also been undertaken.
During 2015 the committee undertook the restoration of the 1st W.W. memorial cross that stands in the church grounds. A booklet detailing the known lives of the men named on the cross was also produced.
These are on sale in the Church.

In 2016 a gravel footpath was completed that runs from the road to the church entrance. This allows wheelchair users and visitors with mobility problems to access the Church.
We are a registered charity number 1117397. For information concerning this click on Charity Commission to view there web sit


Philip Barrett
White Cottage
Heath Road
IP30 9BI

  Roger Bennett
Church Cottage
The Street
IP30 9AY

White Cottage
Heath Road
IP30 9BI

You can assist in our work by becoming a "member" of  Hessett Church Preservation Society.

We only require that you pay a subscription of £10 a year, or any greater amount you may wish to give.
Simply download the application form (in the left hand column), complete it and return it to the treasurer.


A project that H.C.P.S. has funded.

Friends fund new church path
The Hessett Church Preservation Society have used some of their fund-raising to pay for a new path to be laid from the roadside to the church door.
The work, carried out by Kelly Ashford of Hessett, involved digging out new foundations, creating a solid base, edging the path with stone setts and dressing a bitumen layer with pea shingle.
The new path not only looks more attractive and welcoming but is also much more practical, being wider, an even surface and easier to maintain.

On 27th August 2018 eight members of the group cleaned up the church grounds.
The eight made a big difference cutting weeds, removing moss and cleaning up the
rainage outside the church.


2019 Events



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