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Neighbourhood Watch


Do you live in Hessett

Then you are a member of Neighbourhood Watch.

 1. A free sticker for your window to display your membership to the world!
 2. Be watchful during your normal everyday activities around the village.
 3.If you see something "unusual" Note it, Store it and be ready to Report it.

If you think there is something going on, DONT IGNORE IT,
find out more, and phone the police if necessary.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about security.
It is also about being a good neighbour.

Milk bottles left out?
No sign of life over the last few days?
Power cut?
Ring the bell and ask if your neighbour is OK.

 Please contact me if you have any concerns about security, or know anything about any village
 incidents (
Hessett incident history can be found in the left hand column.
See LOCAL INCIDENTS -  click the link) or want to talk about any other police matters for
Hessett and we will try to help.
You can go to the Local Incidents Crime Map CLICK HERE

 Coordinator: Co-Coordinators:
 Peter Newlands Vacant
 Telephone: 01359 270494
 email: hessettnhw@mail.com

 In an emergency ALWAYS call 999.
 Otherwise to report something to the Police phone 101.

To get your own messages about incidents in this area log onto (and subscribe if you wish) by visiting: Police Connect CLICKING HERE
Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch

As well as being looked after - another benefit:
Lower the cost of your house insurance.
Make sure your insurer knows you are in an active Neighbourhood Watch area.


For information on when to use the non emergency 101 number CLICK HERE.
PLEASE NOTE: To use any email address above you may have to copy & past or retype the address into your email system.

Updated July 2019